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Ultra-mini liquid plastic "3D spray gun" is simply a patching artifact


超迷你的液体塑料“3D喷枪” 简直是修补神器

When it comes to 3D printers , everyone must be familiar and unfamiliar. Familiar with how the press always reports cow 3D printer, print a biological model to save lives, and so on; strange is that it was supposed to be consumer products, but few families have it?

Yes, 3D printers should be a product that goes into the home and small and medium-sized enterprises. It is as popular as inkjet printers. Home users can print small gadgets such as toys and tableware. Enterprises can use it to print prototypes. Unfortunately, the uncontrollable cost and practical limitations make it impossible to be a must-have tool for the family.

Maybe the form of the printer is not suitable for 3D printing at all? A company called Bondic has made a change to try to find the true "sweet spot" of 3D printing. In fact, its attempts made people see hope.


This gadget called "Bondicevo" can't be called a 3D printer in a strict sense. It is more like a "liquid welding torch", but the operating principle is similar to that of a 3D printer. For example, it uses a plastic ball as a raw material, which can be melted into any shape according to the user's needs, and then fixed by UV light in 4 seconds.


For example, if the data line is cracked, it is only necessary to use Bondicevo to apply a uniform plastic solution at the break, and then turn on the ultraviolet light for 4 or 5 seconds, and the data line will be reborn.


Table corner cracking? No problem, Bondicevo can also cope with it. After applying it evenly, it will be OK after a while. It can be said that there is basically no damage that Bondecevo can't handle. It is really a "patch artifact."

Interestingly, Bondicevo was the invention of a German dentist. His name was Thomas Offermann. When he filled the teeth for the patient, he suddenly took inspiration. So he raised funds on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website and finally got the user support and went public.

After several years of efforts, Thomas Offermann designed several prototypes, referenced the concept of 3D printers, and finally designed it as a toy water gun-sized utility, which is a breakthrough compared to general 3D printers. In addition, its price is only 17 US dollars (about 115 yuan), low prices are undoubtedly an important factor recognized by users.

Obviously, 3D printer manufacturers should refer to Bondicevo to bring some more convenient and cheap 3D printer-like products, which may change the dilemma that products cannot be consumed.

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